Thursday, January 10, 2008


Now – sumthin for the “connaisseurs” of the Shaolin Style LP as to those already the headline of this review should ring bells…

The small label Monopolize Records dropped in 1998 a record from a cat that goes by the name of RENEGAYD. “hmmm isn’t that the guy with tha mad intro and that “shop o’ horrors” track on that Shaolin Style?” peeps might ask n they be def right! Even though that Shaolin-lp was kicked already in 95 Renegayd used that “little shop of horrors” track also on this twelve here (b-side). On the a-side you find another track (far not that remarkable as his other stuff) called “blow em out da frame”. Now here u guys can check those tracks again – enjoy!

Renegayd_blow em out da frame-12”

Besides that there’s (unfortunately) not much more to say bout this hombre. Google etc. lead to none more than that but if u got some more info u most welcome to share em in our comments section as usual…


Review’s been brought II u by: ral278


Jaz said...

another dope one, thanks Ral


Anonymous said...

not really outstanding imo

PG023 said...

i know abit of info about this guy, he was featuring on the Shaolin Style LP (which i highly recomend) alongside rappers such as Warchild & Double Action!

so hes wu aff. & i guess from the staten island area.

PG023 said...

duh, sorry for the obvious comment. i missed it in the info that you had already written that :p my bad!

thanks for an amazing blog, i love it!