Thursday, January 24, 2008


Droppin a fine and probably quite famous record in here from G-DEPP
G-Depp aka Tevell Coleman released this great record back in the mid-90s on the well-known Tape Kingz label and brings on it the two awesome tracks “head over wheels” and “blow more spots”. This twelve got a huge hype (and I guess it still has) cause of the fact that “head over wheels” was featured on Haze’s (DJ Premier) NY Reality Check 101-tape in 1996 (CDs & LPs were dropped 1 year later). On the flip you find some typical bounce-club-tracks that I don’t like at all (so don’t ask me to rip that…).
Later on this guy slightly changed his name to G-Dep and got signed on Puffy’s Bad Boy label. I guess it’s obvious that from that time on I stopped buyin his shit (not only cuz of the shitty label but also cuz the sounds were wack!).


Anonymous said...

dope track, fat beat from premo

DJ Haylow said...

G-Depp was underrated imo. 'Head Over Wheels' is the shit, and his verse on Gangstarr's "The Mall" was rediculous!

vergill tibbs said...

Oh shitt! Been diggin' for this for a while. G Depp was nasty as fuck....till Puffy got'em